Past Miss Sparta Royalty

2016 Sparta Royalty

Festmaster Reinhard Meuller
Lady Butterfest Barb Bendel-Sandvigen (deceased)
Miss Sparta Christina Weaver
Jr. Miss Sparta Morgann Steinhoff
Little Miss Sparta Maggie Stone

2015 Sparta Royalty

Festmaster John Hendricks
Lady Butterfest Cheryl Isensee
Miss Sparta Alex Lira
Jr. Miss Sparta Jalena Campos
Little Miss Sparta Lily Seifert

2014 Sparta Royalty

Festmaster Doug Dengel
Lady Butterfest Marlene Martin
Miss Sparta Zoe Roou
Jr. Miss Sparta Alexis Bernett
Little Miss Sparta Phoebe Schwarz

2013 Sparta Royalty

Festmaster Gary Zimmerman
Lady Butterfest Carol Ostrem
Miss Sparta Autumn Freeman
Jr. Miss Sparta Kristen Clark
Little Miss Sparta Jenna Martin

2012 Sparta Royalty

Festmaster Michael Bonello
Lady Butterfest Cyndi Wise
Miss Sparta Molly Sullivan
Jr. Miss Sparta Kiele Dolph
Little Miss Sparta Lily Hemmersbach

2011 Sparta Royalty

Festmaster Greg Evans
Lady Butterfest Lori Ascher
Miss Sparta Kristina Stuntebeck
Jr. Miss Sparta Grace Hockersmith
Little Miss Sparta Natalie Spencer

Kristina (center) is pictured here with 2nd Princess 2011 Molly Sullivan (left) and 1st Princess 2011 Becky Guldenaar

As of 2017, the Miss Sparta Committee discontinued the Little Miss Sparta program that was established in 1995. The Miss Sparta Committee & Sparta Festivals Inc. reserves the rights to this name, and the affiliated program for youth in the Sparta Area School District. The Miss Sparta Committee & Sparta Festivals Inc. reserves the right to hold future competitions and/or clinics/camps affiliated with the title of Little Miss Sparta. (C)