Our Happy Ad Deadline for 2017 has passed. Thank you for your support! We hope to see you at the pageant on June 3rd! :) 

All happy ads are due to the committee by the practice noted on the contestant schedule. They should be submitted online, or filled out and returned with payment to the contestant who you are supporting. Contestants must submit ads by the due date for them to appear in the pageant book.  Checks payable to: Miss Sparta Pageant Committee. Click on the images to the left to view sample ads. 

Happy Ad Online Order Form

Happy ads may now be ordered online!

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Happy Ad Form Download

Download and print the form, and submit it, with payment to your contestant!

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IIf you choose to fill out the form and submit it to your contestant, please be sure to get it to them with payment prior to the due date so that they may submit your ad request in a timely manner. Checks can be made to the Miss Sparta Pageant Committee.

IIf you have any questions regarding happy ads, please email misssparta@live.com.

The date for Happy Ads for the 2014 Pageants has now passed. Thank you for your support.
Any submissions received after May 10th will be treated as donations and will not result in ads in the book.