Facebook, Instagram, And Social Networking

Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and other social networking sites can be very useful throughout the process of competing for Miss Sparta. You can share photos with friends, invite people to the pageant, or even make a group so that your friends and family know about happy ads.

While all of these are great ways to use these sites, you also need to be sure that what you have posted on these sites is appropriate. As a contestant, it is important that you maintain a status as a positive role model in the community. A large part of this relates to what you have posted on your Facebook/Instagram/Twitter, or other social networking sites. Please be sure that all pictures are appropriate and just keep that idea in mind when posting comments/statuses etc. 

We encourage you to use these sites for communication and the creation of a positive image within the Sparta community. It is a requirement for all contestants to accept a friend request from the director so that the director can communicate with them and view their activity.