Public Presentation

Below is an example of a speech given by former Miss Sparta contestant and forever Miss Sparta Christina Weaver. Your speech should include the following: 
• attention-grabbing introduction

• a personal narrative that tells your connection to your platform
• a paragraph explaining why the topic is important to/the community
• a paragraph expressing what you'd like to do with your platform if chosen as Miss Sparta
• conclusion that brings it all together and leaves the audience wanting to learn more 

 Most people have the same experience of hearing the story of their birth. Mother’s demonstrating such pride in that story. What made mine different is that my dad Sgt. Weaver was deployed to Korea on a one year unaccompanied tour to the demilitarized zone. He saw me for the first time when I was three months old and our family was reunited when I was eight months old. This is a typical example of the deployment cycle that a military family experiences.

During one deployment, I had a realization and I told my dad I am in second grade. When you come back I will be in third. As a child that was monumental in my mind. With celebrations of homecomings, we also experienced challenges and crisis.
The emotional stress of worrying about my father’s safety, when he was coming home, and the unknown, would wear on any spouse and their children. There was a fear whether the latest transfer orders would cause our family to relocate or whether a deployment would cancel them Many people ask how did we manage so well with family so far away. It was our day to day military family that made us strong. It was my friend Emily who listened to me after my brother had a seizure. It was Sgt. Barrera who picked me up from school when my parents were in the hospital hoping my dad’s surgery to remove his cancer was not the end. 

According to Ft. McCoy Human Resources, the post employs almost 400 soldiers. With our proximity to Ft. McCoy there are a lot of military families moving in and out of this community. Several of these families have faced similar struggles to my own family.

As your 2016 Miss Sparta I would like to start a mentorship program between our high school and younger surrounding schools as well as implement fundraisers in order to help soldiers returning home, enduring deployment, searching for jobs, and those who are wounded. I would also enjoy speaking to our surrounding schools to share the importance and help our youth relate to what military families go through.

As a family, you make sacrifices but as a soldier you sacrifice even more. As hard as it was to watch my dad leave he always told me that freedom is not free, there is a price we must pay. As your Miss Sparta I would like to assist soldiers and their families who made need help within our community. I hope to inspire our community to those who sacrifice so much for our freedom.