Platforms Ideas

The platform list below is only a starting point. It is simply meant to give you some examples. It is always best to choose a platform that is close to your heart, or you have personal experience with. You will need to be passionate about your platform, as it will be a very important part of your year as Miss Sparta. This is the topic that you will speak about and endorse through your year. 

The National Platform of the Miss America Organization (MAO) is the Children's Miracle Network, and all MAO titleholders will support that platform in addition to their individual platform. 

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To view directions or an example of the Platform Essay, click here. 

Acceptance of Diversity
Adopt a Grandparent
Adopt a Pet
Alzheimer’s Awareness
American Heart Association
Animal Welfare
Art In Schools
Big Brothers/Big Sisters
Boys and Girls Club
Cancer Support
Child Obesity
Child of Divorce
Cultural Diversity
Domestic Violence
Donating Blood
Driving Safety/Don’t Text and Drive
Drunk Driving
Eating Healthy
Ecology/Environmental Concerns
Family Values
Food Pantries
Get Outside
Getting Fit/Active
Going Green

Involvement in your Community
It Can Wait (Don’t Text and Drive) 
Keep Music in Schools
Make a Wish Foundation
Pause Before You Post (Social Media) 
Peer Pressure
Rachel’s Challenge
Self Image
Sex Trafficking 
Special Olympics
Stop Smoking
Stroke Awareness
Success in School
Supporting the Arts
Supporting Troops
The Innocence Projects (Protecting the Wrongfully Accused)
The Thin Blue Line (Supporting Police)
Underage Drinking
Wish of a Lifetime (Like Make a Wish Foundation for the Elderly)