Writing your Platform Essay

Platform Essay Example: 

Operation Honor Our Troops:
A Voice for Veterans, Soldiers, & their Families

My childhood was filled with military deployments and each and every day, my family was affected by the military lifestyle.  My dad trained for weeks and months on end, preparing for his next deployment; missing birthdays, anniversaries and milestones like first steps and first words.  My mother lived as a single parent for much of my young childhood, sacrificing quiet time and sleep to make sure my brother and could live a somewhat-normal childhood.  As a child, it didn’t quite hit me how abnormal my life was, but as I grew older, the strain and both the physical and mental toll the military became vividly apparent. These experiences shaped my focus to support not only active service members, but also their families, veterans, and former service members  who bravely protected our freedoms, and fought for those in other countries who couldn’t fight for themselves. I’ve come to affectionately refer to this entire military community, including veterans, families, active and former members, as the “military family.” These men and women have fought and died to afford me the right to make a difference and I will continue to do so.

My family's story has previously been shared with my community and beyond. When I was just a child, my family was chosen by NBC news as a military family to follow during a deployment. We were one of four different families that were part of a series affected by Operation Iraqi Freedom. The first story, titled “The Road to Baghdad” would later be followed up with two additional stories that documented my father's experiences. In the last follow-up, NBC brought to light that my father was unable to find work after being in the military for 22 years, and eventually the story led to my dad finding work. While we were lucky to have NBC provide a voice for our story, the stories of countless other military families often go unnoticed in the busyness of everyday life. I hope to be a voice for the entire military community, including those currently serving, those who previously served, veterans, and all military families.

I have already been involved with local efforts to support our troops. I've participated in fundraisers hosted by local veteran's organizations, attended the Military Birthday celebration, and have had conversations with other military brats, letting them know that they are not alone. I am now ready to become a leader in our community when it comes to supporting our troops.

As Miss Sparta, and through my platform, I hope to enlighten our community on what it takes to support veterans and their families and bring the issues they face to light. During my year of service I would make it a point to raise money for different organizations that help veterans and their families. There are so many things that can be done, including sending care packages overseas, partnering with local veteran's organizations on clothing drives, or raising money for the Wounded Warrior Project or local veteran's organizations.

The freedoms that Americans cherish are protected by less than 1% of our population currently serving in the military. These men and women give all they have to ensure America remains the land of the free and the land of opportunity. I will do everything in my power to ensure that every member of the military family knows that they are not alone, and that as they lay their head to rest each night, they feel appreciation from the heart of America.It would be an honor to be a voice for our Veterans, but also an honor to promote Children’s Miracle Network through the Miss America Organization.

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