If you go to
Miss Wisconsin

Though it may be hard to picture yourself on the Miss Wisconsin stage as of right now, after you go through the entire process of competing for Miss Sparta, in addition to a year on royalty, you will be ready and excited for the opportunity to compete on the state level.


Miss Wisconsin provides an additional $300 scholarship (in addition to the $1300 received at the local level) to all contestants. Below is a breakdown of some of the scholarships received by former Miss Spartas at Miss Wisconsin:

Molly Sullivan
     • $300 non-finalist award
Autumn Freeman:
     • $300 non-finalist award
     • $1000 Community Service Scholarship
Zoe Roou: 
     • $300 non-finalist award
     • $1000 Community Service Scholarship
     • $500 non-finalist Interview Award
     • $250 Health Science Scholarship
     ***Zoe later went on to become Miss La Crosse Oktoberfest ($4000 scholarship) and that year earned another $1000 Community Service Scholarship, and Top 10 $500 scholarship. She also later became Miss Seven Rivers and earned a $1000 scholarship at the local level.
Alex Lira: 
     • $300 non-finalist award
     • $250 Early Childhood Ed. Award


The Miss Wisconsin Organization has special events all year long for titleholders that will be competing in Miss Wisconsin. 

Pageants • You'll receive a FREE ticket to local pageants throughout the state should you choose to attend them (15 value)

Family Fest • Family Fest is an opportunity to perform at the La Crosse Center with titleholders from around the state, sometimes even Miss Wisconsin

Children's Miracle Network Activities • 
The Miss Wis Organization partners with Children's Miracle Network Hospitals and titleholders are invited to participate in radiothon, hospital visits/tours, event kick-offs, and the very special Emerald Ball celebration held each spring to honor some of CMNH's youngest heroes.

Miss America Serves Day • You'll be a part of Miss America's national day of service in April. The state plans lots of fun activities for this and it is always a great time!

Miss Wisconsin Prep Day • Prep Day is a day to get ready for the state competition. You'll meet all of the other contestants and volunteers and work with Miss Wisconsin and the show directors to prepare for Miss Wisconsin Week

Miss Wis Week

Miss Wisconsin week is a week filled with fun events, practices and, of course, the pageant itself. We will arrive at Miss Wis on a Sunday, and through the beginning of the week you will practice with the other contestants. On Wednesday, preliminary competitions will begin and you'll compete in two of the categories (Ex. talent and evening gown). On Thursday, you will compete in the remaining categories.  Friday evening you will attend the teen pageant to support your teen, and Saturday you will participate in the final show where the Top 11 will be named and Miss Wisconsin will be crowned. 

Your hotel, meals and transportation are provided by Miss Sparta/Miss Wisconsin 

*Note: Miss Spartas are required to arrange their own transportation home from the competition.


You will receive the Official Miss America Local Crown and Sash, as well as a $250 dress sponsorship from Charlotte's Bridal.

You will also receive a ticket to this year's Miss Wisconsin pageant so that you can go and see what it's like.

If you don't do 
Miss Wisconsin

It is definitely ok to choose not to go to Miss Wisconsin. It is important, though, that you understand the opportunities that you're passing up if you decide not to go to Miss Wisconsin. We have had many contestants compete at Miss Wisconsin and none have regretted competing. 


You will receive your local $1300 scholarship. This scholarship can be claimed at the conclusion of your year as Miss Sparta at SpartaButterfest.com/scholarship.

No additional scholarships from the pageant will be available. 


If you don't go to Miss Wisconsin, you're primary focus will be on attending parades and events as Miss Sparta. Your teen will go to state and compete on their own during Miss Wisconsin week. 

Pageants • If you decide to attend any other local Miss America Organization pageants you will go without crown and sash and will purchase your ticket at the door ($15)

Your teen will attend some special events like Family Fest, Logger Games, and other Children's Miracle Network events in crown and sash as requested by the Miss Wisconsin Organization. Please be supportive of them and understand that this is not intended to leave you out, but the events are put on by the Miss Wis Organization for their titleholders. 

We will ask that you support your teen throughout their process of running for Miss Wisconsin even if you don't go to state. 

Miss Wis Week

If you choose to attend Miss Wisconsin's Outstanding Teen to watch your teen compete it will be at your own cost.  No hotel, tickets or transportation will be provided. 


You will receive the Miss Sparta local crown and sash in place of the official Miss America Local Crown and Sash

You will not receive the $250 dress allowance from Charlotte's Bridal as it is specifically a Miss Wisconsin wardrobe sponsorship.