Happy ads!

1/8 page (business card size) $15.00

No image allowed for this size, text only.

(such as…….Best Wishes Autumn!)

¼ page 25.00

½ page 40.00

Full page 75.00

May include photo (baby, little girl or current and close up photos work the best) with your ad, except the 1/8 page size.

Make sure that the ad is spelled correctly and laid out just as you want it printed in the book.  If the publishers are not sure of something or if it will fit correctly or not, they will make the final decision on the ad.        

One idea might be to create a Facebook group, first announcing that you are running for the pageant, and just letting everyone know that happy ads are available. That way, you can contact numerous friends/family members quickly and get the information out.

Be sure to submit all ads by the date noted on the contestant schedule.