First things first...

Before anything else, it is most important to find out if you're eligible. Click here to check. 

Number of Contestants: 

The first 12 applications received in each category will be the contestants who will be allowed to compete. Thereafter, a wait list will be created. It will be at the director's discretion whether or not to allow a wait-listed contestant to compete should another contestant drop out.  Apply early to be guaranteed a spot! 

NOTE: Out of respect for fellow competitors, potential contestants, volunteers, and committee members, contestants who drop out within two weeks of the pageant may be prohibited from competing in future pageants, as it causes undue stress on contestants and the 
committee as a whole. Additionally, titleholders/royalty who do not complete their year on royalty and/or have unfulfilled obligations at the end of their year of service may be prohibited from competing in future pageants.


Miss Sparta

The competitions that compose the Miss Sparta Scholarship Program include Interview, Public Presentation (a speech about your platform), Talent, Evening Gown, and On-Stage Question. Click here to learn more. 

Outstanding Teen

The competitions that compose the Outstanding Teen include Interview, Activewear, Talent, Evening Gown, and On-Stage Question. Click here to learn more. 

 Note about Talent

Interested in competing for Miss Sparta or Miss Sparta's Outstanding Teen but unsure about what you'd do for the talent competition? Not a singer? Can't dance? Afraid to play an instrument? Don't Worry! Contestants at all levels (YES, including Miss America) perform all kinds of talents! From speed-painting, to cake decorating, ventriloquism, baton twirling, karate, etc. There are HUNDREDS of possibilities! 

Don't doubt your skills. You can find something truly unique to you to perform for your talent and totally leave the audience in awe. Think outside the box, and if you're stuck, talk to your family and friends....maybe they'll think of something you're awesome at that you never thought of! NOTE: Talents may be no longer than 90 seconds.


The Miss Sparta Scholarship Program Application, Contract, and Agreement with the Miss Sparta Scholarship Program are due on the date specified in your contestant schedule. The application must be completed online at Be sure that you are honest on your application. Also on the site, you will find helpful links for other documents and a link for your family and friends to print the happy ad order form and/or order ads online.

Facebook, Instagram, and Social Networking

Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and other social networking sites can be very useful throughout the process of competing for Miss Sparta. You can share photos with friends, invite people to the pageant, or even make a group so that your friends and family know about happy ads. While all of these are great ways to use these sites, you also need to be sure that what you have posted on these sites is appropriate. As a contestant, it is important that you maintain a status as a positive role model in the community. A large part of this relates to what you have posted on your Facebook/Instagram/Twitter, or other social networking sites. Please be sure that all pictures are appropriate and just keep that idea in mind when posting comments/statuses etc. We encourage you to use these sites for communication and the creation of a positive image within the Sparta community. It is a requirement for all contestants to accept a friend request from the director so that the director can communicate with them and view their activity. 


Specific ideas/tips for outfits are available at

Prior to the beginning of Prep Week,  you will need to have all of your outfits approved by the pageant committee. Bring them to a practice so they can be seen ahead of time. Each contestant will need an interview suit of some sort for the interview (and public presentation for Miss contestants). The interview outfit should be a dress or a skirt/top. For talent, outfits are up to the contestant, but be sure it is appropriate and fitting to your talent.  Many have noticed problems with straps, pants too long, etc. by practicing in their outfits and it helps if the problem can be solved prior to dress rehearsal. Outfits must be school appropriate and may not show midriffs. Dancers MUST wear footwear. For the evening gown competition, contestants will need to have a formal dress. At the local competition, a prom dress is just fine, or if your looking for something pageant-specific, check out the dresses on the website. Contestants will also need to have broken-in shoes, as walking on a stage will make you nervous; you will at least want somewhat comfortable feet. These shoes should be brought to every practice so you get used to walking in them. For opening number, the outfit varies each year based on the theme. Teens will also need to have an outfit for Activewear. This typically consists of bike shorts and a tank top.  In addition to all outfits, contestants must be sure they bring appropriate undergarments for each outfit. Bra straps should be hidden.  If you’re looking for a new dress, please consider supporting Charlotte’s Bridal in La Crosse as they are one of our pageant sponsors.


Contestants attendance at all practices is important. This will be your chance to learn the opening number, get comfortable interviewing, run through your talents, and work on your speech. Work will not be considered an excuse for missing practice. Additionally, if contestants are employed, they may want to let their employer know they are running for Miss Sparta, as if chosen to be a part of the royalty, the contestant will have numerous commitments throughout the year. For practice, you should wear comfortable clothes and shoes, and don’t forget music/props for your talent and your speech. Be sure to bring your high heels also, as you will want to practice walking in them. Also, the practices are closed to anyone other than contestants and committee members. Parents, friends, coaches (whether they coach you in your talent area or not), etc. are not allowed to attend.  Additionally, contestants will be asked to turn their cell phones on silent and have them put away during practice. Absolutely no cameras are allowed to be out at practice, with the only exception being a pageant committee member recording a contestant performing for that contestant to self-review. Contestants must be positive and pay attention to each other, as all contestants will spend a lot of time together, and those who are on the royalty will spend the entire year together.

Prep Week

Prep week will take place the week leading up to the pageant. Each evening, you will have the chance to interview with a different set of practice judges, as well as run through your speech, talent, modeling, and opening number. This week will go much easier for you if you have your speech and talent ready to go by the earlier practices in May.

Dress Rehearsal

The evening of dress rehearsal will likely be a late night. We will run through the pageant EXACTLY as it will go on Saturday, which means running through the entire script. You will need to have all of your clothes with you for this practice so we can be sure everything will run smoothly. We also typically have a pizza party at the school. This will likely be a late evening. Teens, be sure to coordinate transportation with your family.

The Day of the Program

The entire pageant day you will need to have a committee chaperone with you if you are outside of the choir room. No family and/or friends may visit you prior to or during the pageant. You will need to arrive sometime before 1pm (we will give you a specific time when we know how many contestants will be running) to dress and prepare for your interview. We will take the group to the interview area (usually the High School LMC) and everyone will wait together. After interview, a committee member will walk contestants back to the backstage area (the Choir Room) for dinner. Next, contestants will prepare for opening number, and then begin competing. Competition will begin with Teen Activewear, then Miss Public Presentation, Teen Talent, and Miss Talent. Following intermission, Teen Evening Gown/Question and Miss Evening Gown/Question will take place. After competition wraps up, you will line up for the announcement of the new Miss Sparta Royalty. Following the pageant will be a reception and a grand march to celebrate. All contestants are expected to be there and you will have a great time!  There will not be a hairstylist backstage. As is the case at the state competition, all contestants will have to do their own hair and/or arrive with their hair done. (NOTE: Depending on number of contestants, the committee may choose to have Miss present speech prior to interview.)


Butterfest Weekend

 Over Butterfest weekend, the new royalty will participate in a variety of events. There are also a variety of events that contestants are invited to attend. At these royalty will have to have a committee chaperone with you at all times. All contestants are asked to attend the Dinner in the Park fundraiser on the Wednesday after pageant. This dinner is a meet and greet with the community at Evans Bossard Park. More info will be posted in the online Facebook group.  On Friday, Saturday, and Sunday, additional events will be required. If you are on royalty, plan to be in attendance for the majority of the weekend. 


See the awards page for a breakdown of all awards.

Program awards and information are subject to change. Attend all practices and stay in communication with the director and committee and stay up-to-date with information posted in the Facebook contestant group and website.