The schedule is below.Please also see practice expectations below. 

Jr. Miss Practice Expectations

Please be sure that contestants have a snack between school and practice.

Contestants should bring appropriate shoes to all practices. They will be dancing, practicing interviews, and walking. They need to have footwear on at all times.

Parents are welcome to stay for practices with the exception of the closed Dress Rehearsal. Please do not interrupt practice.As soon as practice is concluded, you are expected to gather your belongings and head out right away. We have two other groups that also need to practice. 

Contestants will practice interview with Miss Sparta and Outstanding Teen Contestants. During some weeks we will do group practice interviews and other weeks we will do private practice interviews. There will be no practice interviews on Dress Rehearsal evening.

Contestants will compete in alphabetical order.

Contestants are expected to be on their best behavior at all times. Contestants can be disqualified at pageant board discretion. 

Teen and Miss Practice expectations

It is important that contestants attend all practices. This will be your chance to learn the opening number, get comfortable interviewing, run through your talents, and work on your speech. Work will not be considered an excuse for missing practice. Additionally, if contestants are employed, they may want to let their employer know they are running for Miss Sparta, as if chosen to be a part of the royalty, the contestant will have numerous commitments throughout the year.  Also, the practices are closed to anyone other than contestants and committee members.

Parents, friends, coaches (whether they coach you in your talent area or not), etc. are not allowed to attend any practices. 

Contestants will be asked to turn their cell phones on silent and have them put away during practice. Absolutely no cameras are allowed to be out at practice, with the only exception being a pageant committee member recording a contestant performing for that contestant to self-review. It is important that contestants are positive and paying attention to each other, as all contestants will spend a lot of time together, and those who are on the royalty will spend the entire year together. 

Teens and Misses are expected to attend TWO  Jr. Miss Sparta practices to help practice interview the contestants. A schedule will be available for you to sign up.  Remember that these young contestants will look up to you. Treat them with respect and kindness - they could be your new royalty sisters!The first practice will primarily be time to learn the opening number. 

Following the first practice, be sure that you bring all of the following to each practice:
 • Talent song and any props you may need (song should also be emailed to before the first practice.)
 • Teens - Tennis shoes for activewear
 • Misses - Your speech (this will need to be put on note cards before Prep Week) 
 • Heels  - to practice evening gown walk

All contestants are expected to bring their best to each practice and to be prepared. Do not show up to practice without your speech/song/etc. You are only hurting yourself. 

Remember that you perform the way you practice. If you hold back during practice, it will inevitably hurt your performance at the pageant. Practice your best so you're the best prepared you can be. 

Teen/Miss Prep Week Expectations 

Please note that Sunday/Monday optional practices may be added.

Be sure that you have all of your outfits, shoes, etc. for dress rehearsal. After dress rehearsal, there will be a pizza party. This will likely be a late evening.

On the day of the pageant, contestants will need to arrive in the afternoon to have interviews and prepare for the pageant. Reminder that once contestants arrive they will not be allowed to leave prior to the pageant.

Saturday - Time TBA • Jr. Miss Sparta Pageant at the Senior High School Auditorium.

Saturday evening -  Miss Sparta Pageant

Contestants will need to arrive in the afternoon to have interviews and prepare for the pageant. Reminder that once contestants arrive they will not be allowed to leave prior to the pageant.

All Outstanding Teen/Miss Sparta contestants are also expected to attend events on Wednesday, June 5-Sunday June 9 in order to qualify for their scholarship money. Please check the website schedule for more information.

Check the facebook group for updates regarding Butterfest weekend.

Teen/Miss Butterfest Weekend Expectations

All Outstanding Teen/Miss Sparta contestants will be expected to attend events on Wednesday-Sunday of Butterfest. Please check the Facebook Group for more information. Scholarships for Miss contestants are contingent on attending these activities.

Wednesday -   Dinner Fundraiser at Evans Bosshard Park • 
Thursday - VIP Event Queen/1st/2nd Princess only
Friday Evening – More information to come
                             Meet at Pageant headquarters
Saturday -  Early Morning through Late Afternoon – more info to come
                             Meet at Pageant headquarters
Sunday               Morning through Afternoon
                             Check the Facebook group for more details

Just a reminder: whoever is chosen as Miss Sparta/Outstanding Teen/Princesses/Jr. Miss will have many additional commitments throughout this week/year. She will get more information on that after crowning.