Jr. Miss Sparta Contract


Jr. Miss Sparta Contract:

Conditions, rules and responsibilities for the Jr. Miss Sparta program are as follows;

Jr. Miss Sparta Contract:

Conditions, rules & responsibilities for the Jr. Miss Sparta program are as follows;

• Jr. Miss Sparta (herinafter called Jr. Miss) will be a representative for the Miss Sparta  Pageant for one year.  Her duties will include participating in various parades/activities as directed by the Pageant Board/Butterfest (herinafter called Board). Jr. Miss will crown their successor the following year. Jr. Miss may not attend events as royalty unless directed by the Board. If Jr. Miss is unable to fulfill their duties, the next highest-scoring princess in the competition may assume the position vacated at the discretion of the Board.

• Jr. Miss contestants must be in grades three, four or five (in 2017 only, 2nd Graders will be allowed).  The contestants must reside in the Sparta Area School District (SASD) now & must reside there during their one-year reign as Jr. Miss. If the parents are separated, at least one parent must reside in the SASD for the duration of their daughter’s year on royalty. If the parents move out of the SASD & your daughter is chosen either queen or a princess, then she must give up her reign.

• Jr. Miss & two princesses will be chosen by interviews, introductions, on-stage questions, & modeling with a panel of judges.  All decisions by the judges are final & must be abided by. All judges are from outside of the Sparta community. Jr. Miss may hold that title for only one time. Jr. Miss must wait one year after her reign before she may seek the title of Miss Sparta’s Outstanding Teen.

• Following the decision of the judges, the Board will be responsible for pageant decisions regarding the royalty. Parents & contestants agree to abide by any & all rules established by the  Board without issue. Rules are subject to change & parents agree to comply with all competition rules/requirements.

• Jr. Miss & their two princesses will receive a tiara, crown or floral halo, which they may keep.  They may only be worn when representing Sparta during their reign.  Once a successor is named, the crown may not be worn in public, unless directed by the Board. A dress will be provided for Jr. Miss for parades/appearances.  A parade T-shirt will be provided for the Princesses.  Princesses must provide jean shorts/pants. There won't be any allowance for gas, etc. for transporting the royalty to parades/activities, etc.  This is the parents/guardians responsibility.

• Jr. Miss & her princesses must have a guardian present to be in parades. The princesses will walk alongside the float. Parents of new royalty will share responsibilities in the Board, including but not limited to helping with all fundraisers, attending events, & participating in a subBoard for the planning of the following years' pageant. Parents should understand that by entering their daughter in this pageant, they are committing themselves to helping out with pageant events. Parents of the royalty will be responsible for pulling the float to/through local parades & events as directed by the Board. Failure to take part may result in dismissal from Royalty.

• Parents agree that they won't hold the pageant, nor any members of the Sparta Festivals Board,  responsible for any injury/harm incurred while practicing and/or competing for the Jr. Miss, Outstanding Teen, or Miss Sparta Pageant, or while on royalty. Pageant practices may not be videotaped. Failure to comply will lead to disqualification from the competition and/or future participation.

• Pageant contestants, royalty, & parents are expected to follow direction of the Director/Board at all times. By signing this contract, you agree to abide by pageant policies & procedures without question or argument. You agree to follow all royalty policies by signing the contract.   Failure to do so can result in dismissal from the competition or royalty at the discretion of the Board. Any member of royalty who resigns and/or is removed from royalty will not be allowed to participate in the organization in the future, in any category.


I, the parent/guardian of_____________________________________________who is considered a contestant for Jr. Miss have fully read & understand the conditions & rules for the position they seek & by signing this, hereby agree to adhere to these rules.

Dated this_________day of______________, 20_______.

______________________________                          ___________________________ 

       (parent/guardian)                                                            (contestant) 


By signing this application we hereby release this information for use in the judging process & for any & all advertising/publicity in connection with this program.

________________                                     ___________________________

     (date)                                                                 (contestant)



This contract is subject to change.


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Parents: Please read the information below and then print the contract (which can be downloaded in the lower link to the left) and bring it to the first practice. 

Please be sure to read all of the information as there is a parental commitment should your child place, as well as information about using their name/image for publicity purposes. When you sign you agree to anything listed in the contract/release below.