Information for Parents of 

Jr. Miss Sparta Contestants

Applying: This year we are requiring that all contestants apply online at
If you do not have access to a computer, the form can be accessed on a smartphone or at the library. 


Practices for the pageant are mandatory. It is important that your daughter be there to learn the dance, and become familiar with the modeling and interview. Please be sure that your daughter is there at all practices, and if they are ill, contact a pageant director asap by emailing The dance for opening number will also be available in a video. 

When you report to the school for practices, please go to the custodian's door (this door faces Montgomery Street and is off to the right hand side of the school (when you are looking at the front) attached to a small parking lot). When you enter the building, go to the main hall. From there, you will be able to see if we are in the gym or auditorium for the day. It is imperative that you not 

The Pageant

Your daughter will need an opening number outfit as well as a dress to compete. The contestants will need to have something thick covering their feet at all practices and the day of the pageant as the stage is wood and has been known to cause splinters in feet and hands in the past. Additionally, as in the past, we are willing to cut your daughter’s opening number shirt off if you wish. We will need a note turned in at dress rehearsal if you would like us to do so. As for the dress, any kind of dress will work, but please be sure that your daughter wears appropriate undergarments with their dress, as with the spotlight, they may show through if they are brightly colored. It is not necessary to go out and by a special dress for the pageant; Any summer/holiday dress will be just fine.  Also, please be sure that your daughter has age appropriate comfortable shoes to walk in on stage in her dress. When they are already nervous, they won’t want uncomfortable shoes. NOTE: All attendees must purchase a ticket, including parents. Ticket information is available online.

The Day of the Pageant

The day of the pageant, your daughter will be dropped off to pageant staff in the morning. They will have games, activities and movies to keep your daughters entertained while each girl goes to interview. Following interviews the contestants will need to have a CLEAN (no messy foods please!) sack lunch, with clear liquids. Following lunch, the girls will get ready for the pageant. Parents will not be allowed to see their daughters from the time that they are dropped off in the morning until the end of the pageant – no exceptions. If you have a good luck gift for your daughter, give it to them before they come in the morning or after the pageant is over. We recommend packing all of your daughter’s belongings in a laundry basket. This helps pageant staff to keep them organized and be sure that contestants are ready in time to go on stage. Additionally, as in the past, we are willing to cut your daughter’s opening number shirt off if you wish (some parents opt to do this if they have had their daughters hair specially done/curled). We will need a note turned in with your application in order to cut off your daughters opening number shirt. Following the pageant, parents will be allowed to pick up their daughter’s belongings in their changing room.

Butterfest Weekend & the Year for New Royalty

Being on Butterfest Royalty is a big commitment for each queen and princess, and their parents as well. Parents of princesses must attend all parades and events in order for their daughter to be able to participate. Over Butterfest Week/Weekend the girls will have many commitments. Please be aware that if your daughter is crowned, she will be very busy the Wednesday, Friday, Saturday and Sunday of Butterfest. Additionally, throughout the year the royalty attend many events. Parents will need to be involved in transporting their daughters and chaperoning at parades. Additionally, it is important that parents understand the commitment they make by allowing their daughters to run. Parents of new royalty will be expected to help at fundraisers (especially wrapping presents in December), serve on pageant planning subcommittees, and attend events. By signing your daughter up, you are agreeing that you will be involved in these events throughout the year.  All of this is necessary to be sure that the royalty have a fun and successful year representing Sparta. 

Optional Activities 

Happy Ads

Happy ads are one of the largest fundraisers for the pageant.  Following the meeting you may begin selling Happy Ads if you'd like - this is a great way to let your family and friends know that your daughter is running for the pageant. Ads can be purchased online or by printing the form and bringing it with payment to practice. Contestants may sell these ads to friends and family, wishing the best of luck to a contestant.

They are available in 4 sizes, 1/8 page ($15 business card size), 1/4 page ($25), 1/2 page ($40) and full page ($75). A photo may be included for any size larger than 1/8 page. Please make sure that the ad is spelled correctly and laid out just as you want it printed in the book.  If the publishers are not sure of something or if it will fit correctly or not, they will make the final decision on the ad. One idea might be to create a Facebook group, first announcing that your daughter is running for the pageant, and just letting everyone know that happy ads are available. That way, you can contact numerous friends/family members quickly and get the information out. We will need the ads and the ad money no later than the rehearsal date noted on the contestant schedule. Ads can also be ordered online at  Please note that happy ad sales have absolutely no effect on the outcome of the pageant. 


A top seller award will be awarded to The contestant who sells the highest ad amount. We appreciate all of support as we continue to offer a free local program to the youth of Sparta. 

Did you know:

For most local competitions and Outstanding Teen competitions, contestants are required to raise at least $100 to compete? We pride ourselves on maintaining a program that is free for our contestants, but do ask families to support their contestants through purchasing tickets and Happy Ads. Please consider one of these options to not only support your individual contestant, but to support the program as well.