Jr. Miss Sparta Contestants:

Things to Remember to Pack

NOTE: This list may be updated as the pageant gets closer, so be sure to check back!

Opening Number: 

____Opening Number Outfit (TBD)
____Opening Number Shoes (Comfortable!)
____Appropriate Undergarments

Dress and Question:

 ____Tights/Nylons (if necessary)
 ____Appropriate Undergarments 
                   be sure undergarment straps/back do not show!
                   Also be sure that they are white or nude in color so they don't show through 
                   their clothes)


____Bobby Pins
____Safety Pins (Optional, but good to have just in case!)
____Water bottle


____Tights/Nylons (bring two pair, just in case.)
____Other Hair Accessories (bows, glitter, etc.)