Info Meeting Survey_Miss Sparta Pageant

Contact Info:

Are you ok with receiving text messages from us?

We only ask because often times contestants check their phones more than their email. We are willing to text, but don't want to end up having a contestant who doesn't have texting on their phone get charged for receiving a text message.

We need to know this as all contestants receive a free Butterfest T-shirt to wear for Butterfest weekend.

What do you plan to do for your talent?

(Don't worry if you can't think of one, we have a long list of good songs for talents on our website. Should 2 or more contestants choose the same song, the first to apply will be allowed to use the song, and the second will need to change their song)

(It's ok if you don't! We have a whole list of them on our site that you can check out!)

Do you and/or your parents reside in the Sparta Area School District

It is NOT a requirement for contestants to go to Sparta High School, however all contestants (or their parents) must live in the Sparta Area School District)

If chosen as Miss Sparta, do you plan to compete for the title of Miss Wisconsin?

(or times you will be unable to attend events should you be chosen as Miss Sparta)

This question is merely asked for future reference. Pre-planned vacations are somewhat taken into consideration

Thank you for filling out this survey. This information is very valuable for us so that we can get started helping girls prepare for the pageant as soon as possible.