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Please be sure to read this important information before 

pre-ordering your book below. 

Pre-ordering is the only way to ensure that you will receive a pageant book featuring the photograph of your favorite contestant, along with any happy ads she may have received. Since 2010, we have run out of books at the pageant due to their limited quantity. Books pre-ordered at practice are $3 each, pre-ordered online are $3.50 (due to online processing fees) and purchased at the door the day of the pageant are $4

You may also choose to pre-order a book for your contestant (Option 3 below). Many parents choose to pre-order books for their contestants backstage so that contestants may see the happy ads they received prior to the pageant. Please remember that good luck gifts/flowers can't be brought backstage, so the book is a good way to get a message to your daughter during the period of time you can't see her. If you pre-order one for your contestant, be sure to provide us her name. If you pre-order it for her, it will be given to her backstage, NOT to you front stage, in the audience. Once it is given to the contestant backstage (with her name written in the front cover) it is no longer the pageant's responsibility. If she loses it/spills on it/tears it, it will not be replaced. If you would like to order one for her backstage, and one for you front stage be sure to order two books. 

The pre-ordered books will be kept separately from the books offered to the general public. We will keep a list of people who have pre-ordered books and whether they have/haven't picked them up or if their daughter received the book backstage.

NOTE: All MISS SPARTA (Age 16-20) contestants receive a book backstage. 

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