Jr. Miss Competitions

It is important that contestants understand that they will NOT be judged on their beauty/appearance in ANY category. Our program is all about developing confidence and public speaking skills, and that is where our focus will remain. Contestants do NOT need a fancy dress, makeup or a special hairstyle. They simply need to be themselves and shine. 


Each Jr. Miss contestant will compete in a five-minute interview with our judges. This is a kid-version of a job interview. The contestants will be asked questions from their application, as well as questions to help the judges get to know them better. These could be anything from their favorite movie to their favorite place to go in Sparta. 

It is important that contestants don't try to memorize answers for their interview. Instead, have them work on answering all different types of questions so that they get used to interviewing. When contestants try to memorize answers, they get so stuck in trying to remember what they wanted to say, that they often forget to answer the question, or muddle through their answer. 

Remind them that it is most important to be themselves. The judges want to get to know them and see their personality shine. 

On-Stage Introduction

During the On-Stage Introduction competition, each contestant will introduce themselves by saying "Hi, my name is _______________________, I'm ________ years old, and I go to ____________________________________ school." 

Contestants will wear their opening number outfit for this competition and will be judged on their confidence speaking in public. They should speak loudly and clearly into the microphone when introducing themselves. After their introduction, they'll take a few steps forward, do a turn, and walk off-stage.